Automation Testing

Affordable, Reliable
If automated testing is something you’re unfamiliar with, maybe this can help. In a nutshell, it’s a process that uses tools to run scripted tests in a predetermined, systematic fashion. Most tools can run the tests, report the results, and even compare results to earlier tests. Automated tests can be scheduled to run any time of the day or night, with or without an actual person monitoring.
The goal with automation testing is to both simplify and speed up the testing effort in order to improve software quality. Both commercial and open source automated testing tools are available, but most require some level of knowledge about the tool or automated testing itself. This is often where independent testing groups, such as CodeLeaper, come in.
While the actual running of the tests don’t require a person to manually initiate or monitor, the creation of the tests do require an intimate level of knowledge about the tool. Implementing automated testing can be time consuming, expensive, and inefficient at first. However, later on is when you will notice the full ROI. Once automated tests are scripted – a process that takes time and in-depth knowledge – they can be used over and over again for years to come. Changes to the application under test may require some modifications to the automated tests, but if the tests were correctly scripted in the first place, maintenance doesn’t have to be painful.
One of the more difficult decisions to make when embarking on automated testing is determining what tool would suit your company best. If you select the wrong one, you could have a lot of time and money invested in something that can’t give you the return you need or desire. CodeLeaper’s Automation Tool Expert Services is here to mitigate that risk for you. Our QA Professional team is full of automation experts in a wide range of both open source and enterprise testing tools. This means that we can help you to select and use the correct tool for your company and project without any added overhead due to trial and error. In addition, CodeLeaper’s Automation Framework Design Services uses a systematic, multi-stage approach to creating a framework for your organization. It eliminates inefficient, ad-hoc scripting and replaces it with a well-defined, reusable automation process.